The Research Group ‘RECEPT. Research on the Cultural Entanglements of the Present Times intends to create a project of interdisciplinary nature that aims to investigate the intertwining of contemporary culture, focusing on the forms of communication and conflict within cultural production and relations between local and global: this in the belief that only a combined and multiple study perspective makes possible a critical-historiographical discourse on contemporaneity.

The project is divided in two research lines:

Cultural Entanglements: we will study the hybridizations between high, medium and low level of cultural production from the mid-twentieth century to today, proposing a historical-sociological, cultural-comparative analysis of pop culture. At the same time, the question of the digitization of the processes of production and diffusion of culture will be also studied, from a philosophical and cultural perspective.

Landtelling: the research activity will concern the narrations of the Campania region from the mid-twentieth century to today for a broader discussion on geocritical and environmental history.

Research Team

Daniela Carmosino (Literary criticism and comparative literatures)

Giovanni Morrone (History of philosophy)

Luca Palermo (History of contemporary art)

Federico Paolini (Contemporary History; Coordinator)

Astrid Pellicano (Political and economic geography)

Elena Porciani (Contemporary Italian literature)