Sustainable Mobility (2014-2017)

Sustainable Urban Mobility, 1890-present (SUM)

Ruth Oldenziel, Project leader

Eindhoven University of Technology & Foundation for the History of Technology

III SUM TEACHING MODULE: Biography of a Street Corner

Biography of a (Sustainable) Street Corner, 1920-present

Frank Veraart, Ruth Oldenziel, Frank Schipper, Martin Emanuel

The overarching question is: how did sustainable urban mobility (walking, cycling, and public transit) develop over time since 1920?

Teaching Method: The teaching and research method is the Biography of a (Sustainable) Street Corner. It brings together different sources and methodology: historical narrative, visual archeology, and statistical analysis. 

We propose the micro history of a city, in particular street or intersection to get better insight into a city’s (sustainable) urban mobility. The teaching module makes a more in-depth comparison possible. We envision using local sources and institutions for a shared global approach on urban sustainable mobility. In this draft proposal, we describe what such a shared MA research and teaching approach could look like.

The teaching module builds on the international research network “The Cultural Politics of Sustainable Urban Mobility, 1890-Present (CPSUM)”, currently involving European, Chinese, and American scholars. The project is building a city-by-city website about the policy and practice in sustainable mobility (and cycling, walking, and public transit in particular) since 1920s. It uses a similar structure. The teaching module is a companion to and extension of the book project, Cycling Cities: Hundred Years of European Policy and Practice, Spring 2016.

Collaborators: We collaborate in developing a MA research and teaching module with colleagues in Philadelphia, US (Drexel University), Naples, IT (Seconda Università di Napoli, DILBEC), St. Petersburg, RU (European University), Eindhoven, NL (Eindhoven University of Technology), Sao Paolo, BZ (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro) in the first phase.

Project Period: Pilot project 2015-2017 with Philadelphia, Naples, St. Petersburg, Eindhoven, Sao Paolo.